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A chap is defined as a guy or a fellow — a boy or man who’s a friend, acquaintance, or a friendly stranger. You might ask a chap on the bus if the seat beside him is free. You can refer to any male person as a chap, and you can also address him that way: “Hello there, old chap!”

Welcome to America’s buddy building pen pal service for all residents of the United States who are interested in email or snail mail communication with pals across the country. Unlike most other pen pal services that cater worldwide, YoChap Pen Pals serves the United States only. We’re here to promote friendship building through email and snail mail correspondence within our 50 states. Submit your profile and become a YoChap pen pal today. Someone would love to exchange letters with you.

YoChap Pen Pals Service initially was set up to be a men’s only pen pal service (hence the name YoChap… Yo meaning hi, and Chap meaning buddy… a cool way to say “hey friend”). Our initial goal was to provide a place where men could experience correspondence with other men in our pen pal directory (and women as well who may write to them). After some thinking about it, a realization was made that we instead prefer to be all inclusive of anyone (male, female, or transgender) who may wish to participate in the wonderful experiences of being a pen pal and that our name YoChap is still a cool way to say hey buddy to anyone regardless of who they are.

As a pen pal, there is a whole wide world of amazing people walking different lives out there that you can connect with and build friendships with. All it takes is making the initial contact, or wait for a correspondent to send you a letter first. From there, you never know what kind of interesting stories are waiting for you to read from someone who took the time to write them out and share with you.

Let YoChap Pen Pals Service help you start your journey in this exciting hobby of being a pen pal.

YoChap! operates very simply by users submitting information for their profile which includes a description of what state they live in, their interests, their personality traits or anything they wish for readers to find out about them initially to spark interest for correspondence, and their email address. All profiles are posted on our website and are available to read by anyone accessing our website. These profiles do not however contain contact information. Each profile includes a profile number assigned to it. These numbers are maintained in our pen pal catalog which is sold to persons wishing to make contact with someone who has established a profile in our pen pal directory. The catalog is kept up to date and is printed and then mailed via snail mail to those who purchase it and wish to use it to make contact with a new pen pal. Our catalog will contain profile numbers and their associated email address only (one contact is made, two parties can decide amongst themselves any interest for snail mail correspondence). Our pen pal catalog is only available to purchase by persons residing in the United States. We do not ship our pen pal catalog to any foreign country. We also do not host pen pal profiles for anyone residing in foreign countries. Anyone interested in foreign correspondence would need to inquire with other pen pal services. YoChap is aware that pen pal activity is very popular among foreign residents however we only cater service within the United States.

What are your interests?

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No matter what you are into, it is interesting to someone else. That’s what makes being a pen pal special. You get to share your knowledge and experiences. Sign up today.

YoChap Pen Pals is a pen pal service catering to and serving pen pals in all 50 states of the United States. We are not an international pen pal service. YoChap was itiatially set up to be, and is still considered primarily a mens club for pen pal correspondence however we certainly do not want to exclude anyone who may be interested in participating in the joys of being a pen pal. YoChap Pen Pals Service does not discriminate against race, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We take privacy very seriously. Noone gets your contact information for your pen pal profile at YoChap.com without purchasing our pen pal catalog. This helps gaurd against scammers and keep our profile submissions on the real with people who are truly interested in email or snail mail correspondence. We welcome anyone residing in the United States to establish a profile in our pen pal directory and enjoy our pen pal service.