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Great news!! We’ve updated this page to provide you with a profile submission form. Now you can submit your pen pal profile directly from our website.

In order to participate and start receiving correspondence from pen pals, you must first get listed on our website in our pen pal directory. This will provide persons interested in pen pal communication to discover your profile and find your contact information in our YoChap! Pen Pal Catalog.

Our pen pal directory is set up so that users can find participants by the state they reside in. Each profile is tagged with participants main interests to help users narrow down mutual interests.

A profile photo of you is optional, however we encourage you to write a good detailed profile about yourself to spark interest for correspondence and new greetings from pen pals.


Some rules and tips need to be placed in order to keep our pen pal directory safe, cohesive, fun, and exciting for all who wish to participate and communicate. Remember you are here to meet friends near and far in our beautiful United States and we would like to offer some tips for privacy safety while using our service since we do send out lists of contact information to pen pal customers who purchase our pen pal catalog.

  • We recommend that you set up a seperate email for corresponding with pen pals. We will only include your profile number and your email in our pen pal catalog. Once someone has made contact with you at your email address, it is between you and the other person to decide on communicating via snail mail. For snail mail, if it is in your budget, we recommend getting a private post office box. These are just tips. It is ultimately up to you how you will correspond with your pen pals.
  • In regards to photos if you decide to provide one for your YoChap profile: Full nude photos are not allowed, however shirtless photos or bikinis are fine if you are comfortable with that (you may have tattoos you want to show, or are into body building). Photos should be at least 1,000 pixels wide to fit our website template. Photos should be in .jpg format only. We will watermark your photo with our YoChap logo, however feel assured that you retain all rights to your photo and may request to have it removed at any time. We also will not use your profile photo for any reason other than placement on your profile page on our website.
  • Your profile description must include your name (first name only please for your privacy or use a nickname), gender (male, female, or transgender) which state you reside in, followed by what you want to tell people about yourself. Please proofread your profile information before sending it.
  • We only list your email in our pen pal catalog as a form of contact to you. This is because your full profile is listed on our website. Pen Pal customers who purchase our catalog will use it to match your on-site profile number at with that in our catalog to obtain your email address so that they can initiate a pen pal correspondence with you. Providing your email in our pen pal catalog will allow interested persons who purchase it to contact you at your email address. It will also allow anyone who obtains your email address to send email to you. This is why we recommend setting up a seperate email address from your normal one for pen pal correspondence. From there it is up to you whether or not you choose to communicate via snail mail or other internet communication. So please make sure you send your profile photo and descriptive information from the email you want pen pals to contact you at, or indicate the exact email you want listed in the catalog when you submit your information for your profile. Your email information is kept confidential except in the case where catalog purchases are made by interested parties wishing to initiate pen pal correspondence. So bear in mind, any contact info you provide for our catalog could potentially be obtained by varying amounts of pen pal enthusiasts and you are submitting the information for that purpose.
  • Users do not have access to edit their profiles. It is all done by the owner of this pen pal directory as this is a manual directory.

If you are interested in getting listed and corresponding with pen pals, please submit the info described as needed above to or fill out the form below, and the owner of this pen pal directory will contact you to confirm your profile submission. Please be aware that if you use the form below to submit your profile, you will still need to submit your photo (if you wish to provide one for your pen pal profile) to the email address provided.

Profile Submission Form:

Thank you, and happy pen pal hunting and corresponding! We will contact you about your pen pal profile submission as quickly as possible.