YoChap Pen Pal Service strives to protect it’s users sensitive information, however our business is based on distributing information for the purpose of connecting pen pals with other pen pals in the United States. With this made known to you, we have created this Privacy Policy to fully inform you of how we collect information, and how we distribute it. We believe in providing full transparency for trust to and with users of our service, and as so, have written this page to be as straight to the point as possible without a bunch of mumbo jumbo to help you feel safe and secure to use our service. GDPR compliance is addressed for site visitors outside of the United States.

1.) In regards to “cookies”, our secure website, like every website on the internet, has the ability to track what pages within our website you visit, what links you click on, what country you are visiting from, and other ways that you interact with our website in general. This allows us to get some demographic insight and what information on our site our viewers are most interested in. Our website however does not have any ability to collect private information about you such as your name, email, address, cc info, or anything of that nature while you are simply browsing the site.

2.) We collect only names or nicknames, email, and/or snail mail addresses for our pen pal catalog. If you provide a full name, we only publish your first name and last name initial on your profile and in our catalog. Users who submit this information for the purpose of corresponding with pen pals should know that this information is included with all other contact information we’ve collected in our pen pal profile directory, and all of the information is distributed in full each time someone purchases our catalog. For this reason, if you are participating in our pen pal program, we recommend using an email address specifically for this purpose if you have any privacy concerns with your email going out in our pen pal catalog.

3.) Any information we collect is held private unless as previously mentioned it goes out with our catalog. Our catalog will contain your profile number which is assigned to your profile on our website when you submit it, along with your name, email and snail mail address (if you provide one for the catalog). We sell our pen pal catalog under trust that users are purchasing it to establish and initiate pen pal correspondence with people who are in our pen pal directory. We do not sell or distribute any information we collect for any other purpose or monetary gain.

4.) Our pen pal service caters to users residing in the United States only. We do not sell or ship our catalog to anyone requesting it outside of the United States.

5.) takes precautions, including administrative, technical, and physical measures to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft, misuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

6.) Our pen pal catalog is sold via PayPal payments only which are handled through invoice by the owner of this pen pal service, David Thrift, a resident of Southeast Alabama, who also handles printing and shipping out the catalog. Any information collected through these invoices is held strictly confidential, and all invoices are held confidential digitally for up to 5 years for any potential tax purposes. David Thrift is prior military (U.S. Army) and has held a top secret clearance while in service. As a civilian has worked in many communications related positions handling customer’s and corporation’s private information, and is solely committed 100% to protecting your information submitted to his/this pen pal service at with full understanding of privacy concerns.

7.) As YoChap Pen Pals Service is not an international service, we do not collect or save any personal private information from anyone residing outside the United States. Cookie information collected from users visiting our website from outside the United States is general information only and does not personally identify any users in or out of the United States. Any users visiting our site from outside the United States with any GDPR concerns need not worry about your data as we will not have any for you or about you.

This is the end of our Privacy Policy. See information below concerning the latest news and updates on our website.

NOTICE: is a brand new website, and many of it’s pages are currently under construction. We are however accepting new pen pal profiles to start building our pen pal directory. If you are interested in becoming a pen pal, please submit your profile today. Click here for instructions to get started.

Lot’s of site building going on this weekend…

We’re doing a lot of page and blog post building on our site which will be going on quite heavily over this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, August 24th and 25th). The goal is to provide pages that we will use to index our pen pal profiles to make it easier for you to find pen pals in your state, or anywhere across the whole United States.

We are ad free!

YoChap Pen Pals is an ad free service. Our only form of income is through the sale of our pen pal catalog. We hope that you enjoy browsing our website without ads plastered all over it. We would like to keep it this way. Please sign up for your FREE pen pal profile and start corresponding with cool people across the United States. Our pen pal catalog which contains contact information to establish correspondence is an optional purchase. By adding your profile, you get a chance to exchange emails and snail mail and build interest in our service for other users so that we can become America’s favorite pen pal service.