The page title says it all. On this page we are posting completely random snippets of things you might find interesting. It could be links to videos or music on YouTube, articles, random websites we find and recommend. You never know what we may find and share here. So check this page often. Randomly curated by David Thrift – YoChap Editor.

Posted 2019-08-30-FR @ 8:34 PM CST – USA TODAY TECH: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked. Twitter says it is investigating how CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was compromised.

Posted 2019-08-30-FR @ 8:15 PM CST – Antiques And The Arts Weekly: Across The Block

Posted 2019-08-30-FR @ 7:39 PM CST – YouTube: Pentatonix – Can You Feel The Love Tonight? From 2019’s movie, The Lion King. Beautiful harmonies.

Posted 2019-08-30-FR @ 7:29 PM CST – Tech: insta360 Go – the 20 gram steady cam. A tiny camera to capture life.

Posted 2019-08-30-FR @ 7:10 PM CST – YouTube: Imagine Dragons – ” Every Breath You Take” (The Police Cover)

Posted 2019-08-28-WE @ 7:12 PM CST – Listen On House Mixes: Michael Jackson The Legacy Continues (2019 Club Tribute Mix by DJ DigiMark)

Posted 2019-08-27-TU @ 11:26 PM CST – Music on House Mixes: MixMashShow 25 2019 by DJ DigiMark

Posted 2019-08-27-TU @ 10:55 PM CST – Listen on YouTube: Barbara Roy – Gonna Put Up A Fight (Club Fight Version)

Posted 2019-08-27-TU @ 7:12 PM CST – Around The Web: You Can Now Go Bowling At An Underwater Aquarium With Sea Turtles And Sharks!

Posted 2019-08-27-TU @ 6:33 PM CST – Listen on YouTube: Craig David – Do You Miss Me Much (Stormby Mix Edit). Courtesy of The Remix Archive.

Cape Cod Birding: The Baltimore Orioles Will Soon Be Migrating From Cape Cod

Art at Raw Vision: American artist Larry John Palsson (1948–2010), who was most likely autistic to some degree, made ldly-coloured, abstract paintings.

Article: YouTube Should Stop Recommending Trash Videos To It’s Users

Article: Where Are They Now? Big Fun

Listen on YouTube – Brother Beyond – The Harder I Try Remix.