Welcome to our resources portal.

At first glance of looking at this page, you may see some content listed and wonder why is all of this stuff here on a pen pal website?

Well, we want this website to be more than just a pen pal website. We want to also host some information here that may be useful and interesting to our readers. The World Wide Web is a huge place full of endless information and we’re hoping to build an amazing directory of various resources that our viewers will find valuable.

One thing that we’re currently working on is a directory of online newspapers in America. We think it would be a great resource where people can access links to not only their local newspaper websites, but explore other news across the country.

We have some other ideas for resources that we’re considering as well including other pages on our website where you can keep up with all the new updates and pages as we’re building this website.

Please check back soon for more information. This page is currently considered “Under Construction”.

NOTICE: is a brand new website, and many of it’s pages are currently under construction. We are however accepting new pen pal profiles to start building our pen pal directory. If you are interested in becoming a pen pal, please submit your profile today. Click here for instructions to get started.

Lot’s of site building going on this weekend…

We’re doing a lot of page and blog post building on our site which will be going on quite heavily over this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, August 24th and 25th). The goal is to provide pages that we will use to index our pen pal profiles to make it easier for you to find pen pals in your state, or anywhere across the whole United States.

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