Listed below are the latest updates to our website, and announcements about our pen pal service. Visit this page often to keep up with the latest YoChap news. The newest events are listed first.

  1. 2019-08-24-SA @ 9:13 PM CST – – – Our About page has been added to our site. It’s under construction for now. When finished, it will give you more information about our service than what is already included on our home page.
  2. 2019-08-24-SA @ 8:49 PM CST – – – A couple of new pages have been added to our site. The first page is our Catalog page. This is where we will provide information on how you can purchase our pen pal catalog once it becomes available. The next page is our Zine page. We’re planning in the near future to begin publishing our very own small digital zine which will be free for our viewers to download and enjoy. When it becomes available, it will be on that page.
  3. 2019-08-24-SA @ 5:33 PM CST – – – Our straight forward Privacy Policy has been posted which addresses how we collect and use information to maintain our service. Our policy includes addressing GDPR compliance.
  4. 2019-08-13-SU @ 8:05 PM CST – – – We have updated our profile submission page and added a new submission form. Now all you have to do in order to become a pen pal on our website is fill out the form to start the process of establishing your pen pal profile. You will still need to submit your profile photo via email if you are providing one. We hope this new update will make it easier for you to submit your profile as the form holds all the information we need for you to fill out and provide us.
  5. 2019-18-13-SU @ 7:59 PM CST – – – In Consideration: We are giving thought to adding an option for pen pals to purchase a premium pen pal profile. What this would do is give you the option to have your contact information listed directly on your profile on our website as well as in our pen pal catalog (rather than just solely in our catalog which requires a small payment to acquire for anyone wishing to initiate correspondence). This option would enable persons wishing to correspond with you the option to do so without needing to purchase our catalog, and it could help you get more correspondence faster. This for now is just an idea we’re considering. Stay tuned, and if you would like to provide your feedback about this idea, please feel free to utilize our Contact Page to send us your thoughts.
  6. 2019-08-13-TU @ 10:49 PM CST – – – We’ve (finally) posted our Contact Page. On it you will find our snail mail address, email address, and a contact form that you can use if you have any questions about our pen pal service. We don’t anticipate any problems with our contact form (issues may occur however depending on your browser), however you may email us directly at the email address provided if needed.
  7. 2019-08-13-TU @ 9:36 PM CST – – – A new Updates Page is now on site. We will post all of the latest updates to our website and pen pal services there. We’ve also added a Pen Pals Page which we’re intending to list the latest 25 (or so) pen pals who are waiting for correspondence. As our pen pal directory grows, we will add more pages to our website to accomodate all the profile listings.
  8. 2019-08-13-TU @ 8:29 PM CST – – – Yochap! Pen Pal Service was launched on Sunday, August 4th, 2019 and it’s website domain, yochap.com, was purchased, and work to start building our website began on that day. YoChap’s Twitter account, @YoChap was also launched that same day. We also launched on Instagram at @yochapusa that same day. During the time since then up to today, we’ve added a few pages to the site to help with indexing and adding resources which includes our Index Page, Resources Page, and our very first resource page, WordPress Resources. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be working hard on building this website into a great pen pal service and adding as many resources as we can that we hope will be valuable to our viewers.

This is the end of the latest chronological updates. See information below for additional updates and important news about YoChap Pen Pals Service.

NOTICE: YoChap.com is a brand new website, and many of it’s pages are currently under construction. We are however accepting new pen pal profiles to start building our pen pal directory. If you are interested in becoming a pen pal, please submit your profile today. Click here for instructions to get started.

Lot’s of site building going on this weekend…

We’re doing a lot of page and blog post building on our site which will be going on quite heavily over this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, August 24th and 25th). The goal is to provide pages that we will use to index our pen pal profiles to make it easier for you to find pen pals in your state, or anywhere across the whole United States.

We are ad free!

YoChap Pen Pals is an ad free service. Our only form of income is through the sale of our pen pal catalog. We hope that you enjoy browsing our website without ads plastered all over it. We would like to keep it this way. Please sign up for your FREE pen pal profile and start corresponding with cool people across the United States. Our pen pal catalog which contains contact information to establish correspondence is an optional purchase. By adding your profile, you get a chance to exchange emails and snail mail and build interest in our service for other users so that we can become America’s favorite pen pal service.